Saturday, May 30, 2009

Winter is Cold!

In a recent analysis from waste oil, Biogreen has noticed a major decline in Feedstock for Biodiesel. The reason for this is mainly because of traders, that are selling the waste oil to feed, soap & paint industries.

The one major concern that stands out above all others, is unscrupulous companies that are taking the waste oil from the Hospitality industry, bleaching it & selling it back to the industry. They are also bottling it and selling it into the poorer areas in the townships of South Africa.

This oil is high in free fatty acids which in turn enhances HIV, Tuberculosis (TB) and is highly carcinogenic. The public and especially in the poorer areas are unaware of this happening and assume that the oil that they are cooking with is of good quality.

Urgent action needs to be taken to make sure that these companies are taken to task. Comprehensive testing for this industry should me mandatory to make sure that the public is not being Poisoned.

Roy de Gouveia