Monday, June 15, 2009

Oil- Reports record sales

Biogreen oil reports record sales day. This is part of the process to close the loop on feedstock from oil cowboys in South Africa. The issue with waste oil to Biodiesel in South Africa has become of major concern to Biogreen as they uncover more & more industry players that are trading waste oil, wher it in turn falls into the hands of people that bleach it sell it back into poorer areas.

Roy de Gouveia says "we are different to the competition in that we are not competition. Our focus is on securing the waste oil that the hospitality industry produces & turn it into Biodiesel to help the enviroment". Biogreen oil is different why? They are offering the same product that is being sold into the hospitality industry at the moment. The difference is that they are offering it for cheaper and offering a better service to the hospitality industry. With top hotels & resturants on board, Biogreen oil is making great strides in closing the gap on the competition to secure Market share.

For more information on getting Biogreen Oil or getting rid of your waste oil to Biodiesel, call 0860 BIO GRN

Friday, June 5, 2009

Biogreen Oil- Large Restaurant group converting oil

One of the largest restaurant & take away groups in South Africa is changing their current oil provider to Biogreen oil. They firmly believe that the process of Biogreen oil to Biogreen diesel is the route that all establishments should be taking. The general sentiment is that waste oil is being used by the staff because of economics & that they should be educated to understand what happens to the varnish like substance once it has been used.

Roy de Gouveia from Biogreen says "we are proud to the have the group onboard. This is a milestone in the war on waste oil being manipulated by oil cowboys for ill gains. The knock on effect of what happens to the oil in the poorer communities for peoples health, as well as how the hospitality industry is being sold their oil back bleached is of grave concern."

The group who will currently run the Western Cape for June, is excited in helping the enviroment, especially after the recent press of 100 months to irreperable damage to our Biosphere.