Friday, November 6, 2009

News from the week, 06/11/09

Biogreen has had another productive week in our effort to reduce carbon emissions. Our Biogreen Oil client base is growing everyday with restaurants joining in our effort to reduce carbon emissions. We are currently supplying oil to roughly 130 restaurants in the Cape Town area. Two new and exciting clients, Protea Hotels and Southern Sun Hotels, will now also be using our oil in an effort to become more environmentally conscious. Each new client also helps in our mission to reduce the amount of harmful carcinogenic oil being sold onto poorer communities.

Biogreen diesel is running smoothly in both the Pick n Pay and Spar delivery vehicles in the Western Cape, with operations opening soon in Johannesburg. A total of 4903 litres of biodiesel were sold this week alone, which results in a reduction of roughly 12 tonnes of CO2 emissions . We have managed to reduce roughly 140 tonnes of carbon in total so far this year.

In our R&D department, we are making huge progress with our research into different algae strains as a source of renewable energy. Furthermore, Wall Street Journal has recently named algae as one of the top 5 technologies that could change everything. We are also yielding extremely positive results from our research into a glycerol based organic fertilizer and glycerol as a chicken feed additive. We are continuously carrying out research on ways in which to expand the company, in order to further our objective of saving the environment. Biogreen has been nominated for the Climate Change Leadership Awards 2010, the results of which we look forward to.

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