Thursday, July 15, 2010

P.E Goes Biogreen

Press Release
29 June 2010

P.E Goes Biogreen

This June 2010 Biogreen Diesel has opened a new refinery in Port Elizabeth. Biogreen Diesel is a successful renewable energy company which uses patented state of the art jet reactor to produce pollution reducing biodiesel from both virgin and waste oil.

“ This is an exciting time for us as a country with the energy and buzz of the world cup, and double exciting for Biogreen as a company as we are opening our second refinery in less than two years” comments Jeff Theodor, Director of Biogreen Diesel.

Biogreen started at the beginning of 2009 and its main clients include Pick n Pay , Spar and Cape Concrete as well as a number of smaller companies who are environmentally conscious about their operations and wish to reduce their carbon emissions.

“Biogreen started off as an idea to produce biodiesel from my garage from the waste oil of my restaurant ,Wasabi . Two years down the line we are a successful business and looking forward to expand not too far in the future” says Roy de Gouveia , Managing Director of Biogreen Diesel.

Some of Biogreen current projects are a project with the Round Table on sustainable Biofuels and WWF International on developing and field testing a certification module for sustainable biofuel feedstock production that prevent displacement of food production, thereby minimizing the risk of indirect impacts.
Biodiesel has a strong solvent property which has the benefit of keeping your engine clean and thus lasting longer. The fact that biodiesel is a stronger solvent means it removes a lot of dirt and grime that has been deposited in your fuel tank and pipes from when the vehicle used mineral diesel. Studies have shown that using biodiesel can in fact extend the life of a diesel engine.

Biogreen Diesel is extremely happy about expanding and that people are becoming more aware of the planet and how we need to look after it. Biogreen plans to open in Johannesburg later this year and hopes to reduce more emissions from the transport sector on a national level.

For further information please visit or call us on 0860 BIO GRN

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